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  • Made a new blog you want it message me
  • Someone message me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a pregnancy friend ):

i moved and ive got no friends

since their all in FL. 


Ultrasound today(:

 Cant wait to see my baby boy!


You are one amazing person. I read your story and the whole time I was like ‘that sounds like my ex.’ I basically went through the same thing. I couldn’t have any guy friends but he was allowed to be friends with all the girls he wanted, even the bitched i didn’t like. I had to walk to his house every morning so he could drive me to school because he didn’t want me riding the school bus because he thought I would cheat on him. I los my virginity to him at 15 and he was 18. I loved him. ( or so I thought) I did everything for him literally. I did his laundry, his chores, i gave him every cent of money that was in my name to him for gas. I had sex with him at his house right after his mom said not to do it at her house and she walked in and called me disrespectful 5 times because that happened more then once.But I still did it for him. I snuck him over at my house without my parents knowing. Got caught in the act by my little sister. He video taped us without me knowing 4 times but i did know about 2 of them. But he went around showing them around school. He got pissed at me for telling my best friend our business. He made me drop my best friend. Broke up with me multiple times,but said we were still “talking” having sex blah blah blah… and one of those times when he broke up with me was right after having sex with him. Yeah and then when the time finally came to were we broke up for good he broke up with me for the stupidest reason. I was invited to my lil sisters bestfriends birthday party and this kid diego was there and my ex didn’t like Deigo so he didnt want me going but I was told Deigo wasn’t gunna be there so i went but when i got there deigo was there but i didn’t tell my ex because i couldn’t control who was at the party. (meanless to sday the kids 14 years old) i was 16 by then. a few days later he found out and broke up with me. yeah I know how you feel and im here for you if you ever need to talk.

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